Filter Salesforce Developers

Filter helps you filter out the best candidate for job by making them write code in APEX.

Interview salesforce developers smartly

Reduce wasted engineering hours and overall recruitment cycle, by using Filter. Candidate will have to write and do actual coding on APEX for our test. Get the score and filter the ones who stand out.

Reduce Hiring Cost

Each interview which results in rejection is a lost engineering hour to your company.

Interview candidates who are filtered by us and hence less chance of dropping

Get Better Candidates

Our questions test candidates based on multiple testcases, including general problen solving as well as Salesforce specifc like DML, Trigger etc.

The evaluation makes filter only those candidates which are actually competant salesforce developers.

Reduce Overall Recruitment Cycle

Since, you can send the test for all the candidates at the same time. The first round is not limit by the availability of the interviewer.

Reduce the time for first round.


Average Engineering Hours Saved Monthly


Increase in conversion from from interview to hiring


Reduction of time in overall recruitment cycle

Filter actual salesforce developers

Currently In Beta